Team OYOCater - Apr 3, 2020

5 Ways To Support Local Businesses in Calgary During COVID-19 Outbreak

With the government advising social distancing it is business as unusual for everyone in the city of Calgary. Small local businesses rely on a consistent cash flow to keep things afloat. With everyone staying home local restaurants, cafes, fitness studios, bookstores etc. are losing out on consistent revenue but with the help of technology these business have been able to make clever pivots to keep their customer base without the need for human contact.

It is still possible to be a loyal customer and help secure the future of local businesses without having to leave your home.

We have choices and some suggestions on how everyone can help support the community during this dark time.

Don't Stop, Keep Moving with Virtual Workout Sessions


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Believe it or not, one way to stay productive is to dive into your to-do list and and adding workout routines to the top of the list can kick start your day

Find out if your local gym is providing any online support. Will your personal trainer do a video session? Is your Pilates studio steaming its classes?
Switch up your fitness routines to at home workouts and get some guidance from these local studios.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

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Help Bridge the Gap by Pre-buying Gift Cards


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Once this Social distancing practices are lifted, you’ll be back to your usual routine, visiting your favourite cafe or restaurant, booking an appointment at a hair salon, taking a fitness and yoga class, or buying a dress at your local boutique.

Provide some support to your usual spots by paying for products and service in advance.This will allow the local businesses to make a profit right away and provide a sense of security that they will have customers returning in the future.

The following are a few local establishments that provide gift card sales online:

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Still missing your office coffee? Be your own Barista by helping local coffee shops


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You must be missing local top-notch coffee, friendly ambience, and a great atmosphere during this COVID-19 outbreak. Working from home along with the temporary closure of local coffee can put a damper on your morning routine. Shop these online retailers to bring some of your coffee favorites home.

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Learn to cook (if not), Get Prepared Meals


Working from home the last few weeks might leave some extra time to try out a new recipe.There are also a few resources available if you’re not ready to take meal planning into your own hands.

Listed below are some daily, weekly or customized meal plans that you can have delivered to your home with “Contactless Delivery”.

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Working from Home? Place Take Home or Online Delivery


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Working from home is already a new challenge without having to prepare meals throughout the day for your whole family. Why not treat yourself?

Our team has an alternative, OYOCater catering partners can deliver cooked meals to your home without contact. An effective way to eat well, support caterers, keep from missing out, while remaining confined! Check our vendors take home menus

A few of the vendors on the OYOCater team have been doing their part to support the community as well. We wanted to show some appreciation for Kakes and Kanvas, Nandos Canada, Indulge Catering and Freshii. They have donated food to the front of line workers as a thank you for all the amazing work they have been doing. Even though all of these establishments have taken a huge hit they are still doing what they can to show support, which really proves that we will all get through this together.

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