Team OYOCater - Apr 6, 2020

Coffee shops offering coffee beans with free delivery in Calgary

All of the safety measures put into place over the last few weeks have put a halt on everyone’s routines. This includes that crucial stop at your favorite local coffee shop on the way to work. Many businesses around the city have made some changes to adapt to the current situation.

Local coffee shops are offering free delivery with the purchase of their retail coffee beans. Having the coffee shop brought right to your kitchen can help everyone get back to their ‘normal’ work routines. Working from home can provide a little extra time to learn how to make some of your favorite cafe beverages while also supporting one of your favorite businesses. 

Here are a few local coffee shops offering free delivery to help get you started

Rosso Coffee Roasters

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Photo by ROSSO @rossocoffeeroasters on Instagram

Rosso was founded in 2007 by David on a solo venture. David started by getting established in the city with a few locations before taking on the process of roasting in house. Rosso takes pride in creating everything in house including all pastries and food.

Monogram Coffee

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Photo by Monogram Coffee @monogramco on Instagram

Monogram has a national award-winning team with over 20 years of experience. They have three locations in the city and have quickly become a crowd favorite.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee

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Photo by Phil & Sebastian Coffee @philandseb on Instagram

Phil and Sebastian was founded in 2007 and is a business partnership between the two. They began operations by acquiring an existing coffee shop at the Calgary farmers market. The following year they began to source and roast their coffee beans. After opening up a few stand-alone cafes they soon became one of the most popular coffee roasters in the city.

Fratello Coffee Roasters

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Photo by Fratello Coffee Roasters @fratellocoffeeroasters on Instagram

Fratello coffee roasters was founded over 20 years ago and later passed down to the owner’s sons. They expanded the brand by opening up the first analog cafe at the Calgary Farmers Market in 2012. The popularity grew quickly and they now have eight locations throughout the city.

If you’re not already an at-home coffee connoisseur fully equipped with an espresso machine in your kitchen, we have a few essentials to help get you started. All you need to get the perfect cup of coffee is a coffee grinder and French press or pour over/Chemex. You can also purchase milk frothers, barista specific milk options, and coffee scales to take your drink to the next level. 

The following are links to some equipment offered and recipes by the coffee shops listed above

Home Irish Coffee Bundle by ROSSO @rossocoffeeroasters

Home Brewing Series by Monogram Coffee @monogramco

Intro to Coffee Brewing , Steaming and Latte Art⁣ and Buy Home Espresso Essentials⁣ by Phil & Sebastian Coffee @philandseb


Written by Team OYOCater