Team OYOCater - Apr 14, 2020

How to boost your company culture

The recent downturn has made it difficult for companies to invest in their organizations.
Amidst this downturn, the central business component, the employees, may not feel high on the priority list. The focus of many companies today is to survive the recession. Fundamentally, most companies agree that their business is only as good as their people, but many find it difficult to maintain their employee’s morale (stress levels are high when expecting more with fewer resources).
While there are numerous ways to boost employee morale and motivate them to perform better, the simplest and economical solution is to show appreciation through food.
Food is a basic need, and when it is provided for us, it registers as a caring gesture. But why give free food, especially when the economy isn’t in your favor?
A survey conducted by (a leading online grocery in the U.S) indicated that though workplace sponsored meals, employees are happier and their productivity, as well as their morale, is boosted. Likewise, when food is present, employees tend to spend more time in the office, versus going out to find lunch
A report by a local Calgary Dietitian specializing in workplace health, stress and productivity, shows that there is an immediate correlation between a free lunch and how an employee feels. Additionally, the article emphasizes the notion of "a company that eats together, stays together”.
Eating together has the potential to improve workplace culture, boost morale, build new relationships and increase productivity.
(Source: Holwedner, Andrea – The Calgary Herald)
Check out below how catering food at work increases workplace happiness, boost productivity and fosters collaboration.

Staff camaraderie

Food stimulates not only interest but also brings a sense of camaraderie among employees. Organizing an office lunch will encourage your people to drop their "solo desk lunch” and spend their lunch hour with their team members. In a time where everything is dependent on technology and screen time seems like the only valuable time of our day, food gatherings are an excellent opportunity for different departments in an organization to bond. Collaboration increases in such situations improving productivity and financial results (which leads to a pretty sweet ROI).

Boost Motivation

If morale in your company is down due to quick turnover of projects and deadlines, use a social gathering with food to boost their motivation. It helps the employees when they know they are receiving some incentive for finishing their work on time, or for putting in some extra effort.
Companies where people are not compensated for their extra effort, are likely to have a higher turnover. But, companies who see the value of providing lunches to their team will see an increase in productivity. The incentive, in this case food, can be something small or big, depending on your budget, but can go long ways to boost motivation.

Gives a sense of belonging

Giving something away for free can always be a gamble. The return cannot be predicted nor guaranteed. But one thing is for certain: in any organization, free food is rewarded with loyalty. Companies who emphasize their culture through meals (free lunch and snacks) will attract valuable people, who in turn will feel that they are appreciated. Employees will invest more time and effort in their work; thus, increasing productivity.

Written by Team OYOCater