Team OYOCater - Apr 14, 2020

Keeping Office Catering Interesting For Your Employees

As plenty of research has suggested, catering for the office can help boost camaraderie and productivity. Thus, investing in office catering only makes sense; it’s a sound investment that helps efficiency as well as lets your employees know you value the work they do.
So you’ve started catering at your workplace, and everything’s been going great. Employees are happier, more productive, and are interacting and making connections more than ever before.
But things are starting to plateau. People are starting to get less enthusiastic about catering, maybe showing up in fewer numbers.
Catering the same thing week after week can be boring, and the initial impacts you might have seen from catering may diminish over time. So how do you keep the food you order for your employees interesting?
Take a look below for some tips on how to keep office catering interesting for your employees.

Survey your employees

While your office may have one or two overall favourite restaurants, it never hurts to have variety in the restaurants you order from. Survey your employees on what kind of foods they like, either by type of cuisine or specific local restaurants they love. This is easy to do using Doodle, Survey Monkey, or Google Forms, all of which are free to use, customizable, and easy for your employees to respond to.
Once you gather all the responses, you’ll have a pretty good idea of kinds of foods your employees are into, and you won’t have to play it safe by catering sandwiches for every lunch meeting.

Examine your options

Once you have a general idea of what kind of foods your employees like to eat, you can use the filters on OYOCater’s website to come up with a list of restaurants that fulfill each category. It’s now much easier to know what types of food you can cycle through, as well as the restaurants which carry them!
Other employees may have dietary restrictions which will need to be taken into consideration. Have vegetarian employees? You can also filter for restaurants that carry vegetarian options! Each restaurant’s menu is also available to browse, allowing you to see what they offer as far as gluten-free and vegetarian options. Dietary restrictions can also be noted directly in your order when you select an item.

Get feedback

When ordering new foods, it’s always important to gauge your employee’s reactions. During your catering event, ask them what they think of the food. Did they enjoy it? Would they want it catered again? If they love it, great! Another restaurant to add to the rotation. If not, that’s okay too; you now know to cater from other restaurants.
While soliciting one-on-one feedback is great in the moment, it might be hard to get everyone’s feedback at the event itself. This is another moment where Doodle, Survey Monkey, and Google Forms can come in handy. If you can’t touch base with everyone at the event, sending a short after-event survey to your employees asking about their experience can help you reach the people you may have missed. 
While your workplace may be getting a lot of benefits from catering, creating a sense of variety and interest in what you order can help maximize those benefits. Keeping catering interesting will also show that you care about your employee’s diverse and specific tastes, making them feel even more appreciated. 
So keep your office catering interesting; it’s that one extra step that will really make a difference.  

Written by Team OYOCater