Sahil Gumber - Apr 2, 2020

Top 5 Trendy Restaurants in Calgary That Won’t Break the Bank


Over the past twenty years, Calgary has evolved from Canada’s "Cowtown” to a metropolis of diverse influences, inviting a new selection of international and fusion culinary styles. With a wide variety of choices, ranging from South and East Asian food to Danish to 1950s-style American diners, Calgary is packed with trendy up-and-comers. And while the city’s impressive array of cuisine provides visitors with a lot of options, picking the right restaurant for your budget can be tricky, especially with some of the more popular restaurants packing a financial punch. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite picks for trendy local spots that provide all of the flavor without breaking the bank.




Reinventing Asian fusion, Anju is the brainchild of award-winning chef Roy Oh, combining Canadian influence with traditional Korean ingredients and flavors. Anju, which translates to "food you can eat with alcohol”, is the perfect spot for a casual night out with friends. And with an ever-evolving menu featuring finger foods, tapas plates, and more traditional Asian cuisine, everyone is sure to find something affordable and delicious that sparks their interest. 
Location: 344 Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alberta
Phone Number: +1-403-460-3341

Native Tongues 


Bringing a much needed (and anticipated) Mexican flavor to downtown, Native Tongues is a chic, upscale eatery providing the best of Mexican street food, interesting cocktails, and an infamous late-night menu. Known for its singularly delicious tacos, Native Tongues provides a casual yet exciting atmosphere, laced with authentic décor and welcoming communal atmosphere.
Location: 235 12 Ave S.W.,Calgary, Alberta
Phone Number: +1-403-263-9444

Cinnamon Indian Cuisine and Bar


Calgary’s own Cinnamon prides itself on its traditional Indian fare with a fashionable twist, matching an extensive, yet reasonable, menu of authentic Southeast Asian cuisine presented with a modern culinary flair. Centrally located Downtown, Cinnamon is the perfect place for a business lunch, a hip spot to catch up with friends, or a family event.
Location: 1207 11 Ave. S.W.,Calgary, Alberta
Phone Number: +1-403-290-1777

Bread and Circus


Inspired by the traditional trattoria’s of Rome, Bread and Circus provides a fun, bright atmosphere for friends and family hoping to enjoy bonafide Italian fare. A nod to Juvenal’s famous phrase " panem et circenses”, Bread and Circus promises dinner and a show; with a beautiful yet intimate décor and inventive food presentation, Bread and Circus is not just about the food – it’s about the experience. 
Location: 616 17 Ave S.W.,Calgary, Alberta
Phone Number: +1-403-476-3615

Big Fish


Serving Calgarians for over 10 years, Big Fish is a delectable local staple in Calgary cuisine. Cozy and welcoming with a contemporary marina-inspired design, this unique seafood restaurant gives you plenty of highbrow culinary choices at a price you can afford. Located in the heart of Renfrew, Big Fish is great for every occasion; from a casual plate of fish and chips to an upscale dining affair. 
Location: 1112 Edmonton Trail,Calgary, Alberta
Phone Number: +1-403-277-3403