Sahil Gumber - Apr 2, 2020

What It Takes To Build A Catering Business In Calgary

You are running a reputable restaurant and would probably love the idea of expanding further but never really had the chance to think about the different ways of doing so? At OYOCater, we believe that building a new or on an existing catering business is now the best and most reliable source of revenue for restaurants. But before looking to launch a new catering business, a complete catering business plan should be put into place and followed through in order to become a successful business. 

The following key concepts will help you guide through the plan and help you achieve your dream catering business.


Make Sure To Target The Right Customers

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

You already have an idea of the people that come to visit your restaurant so it would only make sense to target that specific population. But that doesn’t mean you should limit your catering services to existing customers. You now need to have ways to expand your customers’ network through different marketing channels. Some of these could be through social media, event marketing, hosting parties and celebrating holidays while promoting your catering services. 

While these marketing channels may increase awareness but will require an upfront investment without guaranteeing a return. The good news is that you could simply tap into OYO Cater’s existing network of business customers. It's free and easy to join OYO Cater and list your business on the OYO Cater Marketplace. Simply fill out a registration form by providing us some basic business information and your catering menu. We take it from there.

What Is The Right Price For Each Item On Your Menu


Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

A specific and detailed pricing model should be included as part of your catering business plan. This will not only help your customer but will also give you an idea of where you will be making the most of your margins from. Remember, the very first pricing models will only give you estimates of your actual proposal and that you will need to adjust them to better respond to your customers’ needs as well as yours.

Most catering businesses follow these general three prices when creating a pricing model: 

  • Per Person: a definite price for each person attending the event in which menu items are included. Most suitable for an office party.
  • Per Item: charges applying to each item that is available on your catering menu. Most suitable for an unknown number of invitees at an office meeting, house gatherings, celebrations…etc.
  • Per Package: an easy and convenient way for event planners or sales representatives hosting luncheons to select a package to buy per item at a wholesale rate. You will usually be serving a large group and might want to offer them a special rate for the package. 

Don’t Forget Why You First Started Your Restaurant


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

In this competitive industry, everyone is looking to grow and have a sustainable income. The catering industry is ever so growing in Calgary and competition has only been more solidified. Remember that you represent your restaurant and your ethical working skills. What is it that makes your menu stand out from all the other restaurant businesses? You will need to become more diverse and be able to answer all your consumers’ needs before anyone else takes it away from you.

By putting yourself in your new potential customer’s shoes, you should be able to go through the time and effort it requires them to plan for lunch meetings or events while also making sure everything is running smooth. By doing so, you will be able to rise above all the other catering businesses and attract more customers.

There you have it: A good foundation to build a successful catering business. Target the right customer, set the right price, and know why you started a restaurant in the first place. Follow these through and simply watch your catering sales grow.